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The annual E3 conference is the ultimate gaming experience, bringing together top talent, entrepreneurial artists, and industry insiders for an epic 3-day convention. For the last three years we’ve worked with the talented team at YouTube to create a live streaming experience that captures the energy, action and all-out fanfare of the event.
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Trailer Battle

In the spirit of bringing the whole gaming world together, we crafted a real-life take on YouTube’s yearly Trailer Battle in an animated video that is all kinds of crazy. What followed was a no-rules, every man for himself free-for-all of brawling characters, clashing genres and king-of-the-hill-style battles that keeps the chaos coming scene after scene.

Each character that makes an appearance brings its own world into the mix, taking us from 3D street fights to 8-bit and back out again. Tiny armies meet giant beasts only to be overtaken by a zombie horde. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, get ready for the next character to flip, spin and smash your expectations.

E3 live

Once the conference kicks off, the website becomes home to all things things E3. A feed of content streams live from the conference floor and is organized in YouTube playlists so that it can be dynamically updated at any time. The Trailer Battle follows directly below, where fans can watch and vote for their favorite video game trailers of the conference.


Every vote gets you one step closer to a full collection of animated items and the salvation of the ancient fictitious world, Yoot’Ewb. Items are all based on classic video games, giving a wink and a nod to voracious fans and an extra incentive to uncover what’s next.


The items are sorted into 5 categories, each resonant of a distinct gaming genre. Collect all the items in one category on your inventory screen and you’ll trigger a special easter egg animation that mashes up the best of that genre into a superpowered miniboss.

And with the energy forces of 6 minibosses combined… you’ll find the strength to defeat the Glitch Demon, rescue the good people of Yoot’Ewb and save the universe!