Bears Ears

Bears Ears National Monument is a 1.35 million-acre expanse in southeastern Utah and the inspiration for our first collaboration with Patagonia. Home to thousands of sacred Native American cultural sites, world-class rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running and more, Bears Ears is as beautiful as it is diverse. This interactive experience is designed to celebrate the land and introduce the world to our newest National Monument.

Unobtrusive design, expansive views

To fully immerse the viewer in the imagery and stories, we designed a minimal user interface that recedes when not in use. This design allows the natural beauty of Bears Ears to shine through and serves as a subtle compliment to the vivid videography, imagery, and iconography we used.

Multilayer storytelling

This is Bears Ears is divided into three chapters: the story of the peoples who live there, the sporting that attracts new visitors, and the call to action to defend its historic designation.

As we got more involved, we recognized the cultural and spiritual importance of the place. This was a place that should have been protected 50 years ago.

Lisa Pike Sheehy

Vice President of Environmental Activism, Patagonia


  • Strategy

    • Content
    • Copywriting
  • Brand

    • Identity
    • Brand system
    • Marks & symbols
    • Art Direction
    • Illustration
    • Iconography
    • Typography
  • Interactive

    • UI/UX Design
    • Visual Design
    • Art Direction
    • Motion Design
  • Development

    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Data visualization

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