Live at E3

E3 is the most exciting and anticipated event of the year in the video game industry for insiders and gamers alike.  Working closely with an immensely talented YouTube team, we designed and developed the YouTube E3 website.


3, 2, 1... Battle

As a way to reach people and get gaming fans everywhere excited for E3, we created this animated video teaser that could be shared across social media. The concept stemmed from the idea of bringing YouTube's annual Trailer Battle to life, and so we created an epic free-for-all of battling video game characters and trailers.  



Everything E3

The site needed to serve a few main purposes for everything at E3. YouTube Gaming was live streaming throughout the event. The site hosted the annual trailer battle, where fans got to vote for their very favorite game trailers, as they were released. And, finally, the site was a hub for all the content that came out from E3. 

The design

A constant change

Given the constant flow of information on the site, we started with UX to ensure that everything had a proper hierarchy. Content was going to be constantly changing throughout the event, so making sure everything was flexible enough to handle anything thrown at it was crucial. Visually, we stayed within the overall YouTube aesthetic and kept the design neutral to let the content shine. The interactive elements, like motion and hovers, were all super important details that would be noticed, and, hopefully, appreciated by the audience.

The trailer battle

Gamifying for gamers

To encourage voting in the trailer battle, we created a series of items that could be unlocked and collected. The items were all reminiscent of favorites from the last 30+ years of gaming.

The code

Dynamic without a backend

One project requirement was to avoid a backend but allow for constant updating. Working with the YouTube team, we were able to find creative solutions to accommodate all required functionality and still serve set of static files on the front-end. Fill a playlist with content and the section powered by that playlist could take prominence. Remove live stream videos from a playlist and the live stream section would disappear. Update Google Calendar and the schedule of events would change on the fly.

Konami Code  Collecting all the items triggers a special easter egg animation, rewarding completionist out there. With your powers combined...

Animation  Trevor Van Meter

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