New Horizons


New Horizons, is a collective exploration of the new from Upperquad. The limited edition of 200 of two-color Risograph printed, saddle stitched and hand numbered zines was released for the new year.

A blank canvas. Energizing. Intimidating. Shining with potential. Crisp with opportunity. Whether a new year, a new job, a new project, or a new client, there is something special about the openness of it all. Inviting us to push our boundaries and embrace an earnest optimism toward what could be.

Challenged with blank canvas of our own, we created New Horizons. An adventure of its own designed to stretch our minds, reimagine our perspectives, and revel in what is to come. A look inward. Onward. Upward. Forward.

New Horizons pushed the boundaries of design, in unexpected ways in the print medium. Upperquad always creates things to reach new audiences and challenge our collective capabilities.

The limited release hit the mailboxes of clients and friends of the studio in 2019.

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