Stories from Makers in a global pandemic

Upperquad explores how are makers are experiencing the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine has been one of the few truly global experiences of our lifetimes. A period that every individual, community, city and country has felt deeply and grappled with in their own way. Through moments of isolation and inspiration, we found a certain comfort in knowing that we were all experiencing and evolving within this situation together.

At Home is an effort to document this unprecedented moment in time; it’s a collection of stories from people around the world, designed to help us connect, empathize and support one another through this surreal, shared experience.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we conducted over 60 interviews with makers in four cities. In this effort, we broadly defined a maker as anyone who creates and takes pride in their craft—a definition that introduced us to painters, nail artists, business owners, mixologists, beekeepers, musicians, curators and more. We first launched with interviews from Berlin and expanded to San Francisco, London and New York City.

The heartfelt, human stories are really the magic of this site. We feel very proud to have created a space where people felt safe enough to share their stories and express themselves fully. There’s a lot to discover; there’s humor and sadness, hope and despair, creativity and stillness. Individually, each story offers a new perspective, told through a distinct voice and lived experience.

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A massive thank you to all the makers who participated in the project, including:


Abigail Wheeler, Alba Rey, Alex Hall, Elena Breuer, Fabio & Rupert of Roy Kombucha, Francisco G. Silva, Hiroo Tanaka, Izabela Rosiak, Joana Schmitz, Kikelomo Oludemi, Laureanne Kootstra, Maddy Ayers, Mathias Modica, Medhat Aldaabal, Noel Alejandro, Simon Kaiser, Tobias Raschbacher, Whitney Wei, William Bagnoli, Ylenia Gortana'

San Francisco

Derek Anthony, Emily Nathan, Genevieve Bandrowski, Jessica Furui, Jillian Knox, “Joonbug” Mcintosh, Kim Stace Thomas, Linda Fahey, Luca & David Of Colpa Press, Sepehr Alimagham, Sincere Justice, Todd Tankersley


April Hill Writing, Ayanna Birch-Bailey, Bruno Valasse, Charlotte Brooks, Crispin Jones, Dale Gibson, Daniel The Gardener, Em Cole, Emma Fineman, James Telford, Jemma Ryan, Jesse Laitinen, Majeda Clarke, Mark F. Painter, Meetal Patel, Monique Brown, Sista Barista

New York City

Andre Bato, Christina Lonsdale, Haik Avanian, Miss Juliet, Rachael Yaeger, Reed Tankersley, Remi Odunsi, Sebastian Speier, Zipeng Zhu

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