In Brief
If you've ever walked into the Pirate Supply Store on Valencia Street, you've experienced the magic that is 826 Valencia: a local nonprofit that helps under-resourced students develop their writing skills and channel their creativity through free educational programs. We worked with the 826 team pro bono to infuse the spirit of their work into a brand new website.
826 Valencia
826 Valencia
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Brand identity

In developing their new visual system, we embraced the whimsical adventure of the 826 tutoring centers and applied it to all things digital. We expanded their color palette, illustrated a crazy cast of characters, and paired a handwritten script with a woodblock-inspired headline type for a creative, welcoming energy.

Red — #EF3114
Turquoise — #A1DFDB
Golden — #DDA350
Pine — #0C5C58

Visitors are greeted with a looping video that draws them into the 826 story and subtle animations that bring the site to life.


Each 826 location has its own wildly imaginative theme that immerses students into a whole new world of writing. We used vivid, high quality photography to put these spaces and the people inside them front and center. As you explore the site, you’ll see the students, their publications and the storefront magic beautifully captured by various talented and generous volunteer photographers.

As a growing nonprofit, 826 Valencia is fueled by the people-power and goodwill of their volunteers and donors. We drew inspiration from political campaigns and national nonprofits to identify patterns that would help 826 maximize the impact of these critical pages and the amazing work that they make possible.