Hello from Here

Hello From Here is a generative poster project and gallery.

Upperquad launched a creative experiment that allows anyone to make a poster, just by inputting a city and interacting with artwork generated by real-time weather data. Every poster gets added to a gallery of people saying hello from around the world.

When you enter the name of a city, the generator creates artwork based on real-time data, such as temperature and weather. You can then interact with the poster to make it your own, before submitting it to a gallery of posters from places near and far.

In addition to the website, we ran an outdoor media campaign in the streets of Berlin with 34 custom posters, and sent beautiful holographic art prints to our friends across the globe.

We chose typography called Bandeins Strange for its abstract qualities in some letterforms, giving it a more interesting texture with kinetic motion applied. On the technical side, we used React on the front-end and Firebase for the gallery back-end. The generative posters are a complex combination of kinetic type (using p5.js), image processing, and cursor-movable 3D shapes (using the ThreeJS library), all generated based on data fetched from various weather and map APIs.

Hello from Here combines boundary pushing design, type and technology. Upperquad is always making things that reach new audiences and extend our capabilities.

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