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Nice to meet you.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Chances are, you didn't arrive here on accident. You must have heard of us? I don't mean that in the "surely-our-reputation-precedes-us-says-the-guy-in-the-top-hat-and-monocle" kind of way. I say that because most of the people we meet come from referrals. (We would like to think that's because we work hard and are nice to people).

We are a digital studio based in San Francisco, California. We've had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of clients — from the unthinkably large to the just-getting-started. We believe in hard work, amazing design & the power of great ideas.

We handcrafted this website to be simple, yet deep. You can learn as much about us as you'd like. We encourage you to say hello or get in touch.

Phil Ruppanner
Founder/Creative Director

Our clients include

  • Google
  • Square, Inc.
  • YouTube
  • Motorola
  • Microsoft
  • TiVo
  • Leckerlee
  • Designer Fund
  • One Kings Lanes
  • SessionM
  • Epic Magazine
  • The Information

Studio Feed

These are some of the going-ons around the Internet, in our city and in our studio. We're particularly interested in art, technology, design and especially the areas where they overlap. Keep up with us via twitter.

Our offices are located in San Francisco.


    295 Divisadero Street
    San Francisco, CA 94117
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    1009 Page Street
    San Francisco, CA 94117