Google VR

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is an amazing virtual reality experience that lets you paint in 3D space.  You move through your canvas and aren't bound by anything but your imagination. 

The identity

Rebranding a VR breakthrough

We worked closely with the Design Team at Google and the Tilt Brush founders to ensure our identity concepts worked with Material Design principles and stayed true to the product vision.


Amazing VR Brushes
Material Design

The website


Experiencing Tilt Brush first hand is truly amazing. We designed a site that captured this excitement, beauty and motion.

Modular gallery

A platform for creativity

The work that people create on Tilt Brush is amazing.  We designed a modular gallery that could frequently be updated with the great work to encourage and inspire others.

Video Browsing

Seeing is believing

We could tell you about painting life-size three-dimensional brush strokes with stars, light, and fire. But, it's sort of hard to explain. The video became a prominent and important element in helping people understand the Tilt Brush experience.



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