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What if there was a tech news website that was dedicated to, well, news? What if instead of focusing on page views reporters could focus on reporting? What if the emphasis was on actual original reporting, and not the new hotness of the day?

When Jessica Lessin, a veteran tech reporter at the WSJ, approached us in the fall of 2013 with an idea for a new website, we were really excited to design a site that reflected their no-nonsense approach.

Site concept

Back to basics

Without ads to worry about, and the possibility that breaking stories would go up without photography, we knew a strong grid and typography would have to carry the site.

“Be memorable and distinctive but still minimalist.”


The articles are the focus of the site, and we wanted the design get out of the way. A final concept started to come together, informed by explorations in type and layout. Anything that was ornamental or felt unnecessary was stripped away so the aesthetics would match The Information’s approach.


Mobile first

Responsively awesome

Subscribers might be checking stories on the go on any device. We wanted to make sure that the site wasn’t just functional for mobile, but it was beautiful. We developed the site in HTML/CSS/JS to make sure that every last detail of the design was perfect.

Feature rollout

A new commenting system

After launch, we continued to work with the team at The Information on rolling out a new commenting feature. The concept was simple: the readers of The Information were some of the best and brightest. Their contributions to articles were not afterthoughts, but a conversation amongst founders, industry execs, VCs, and reporters. We brought comments to the forefront and made them a key feature across the site.

UPPERQUAD came up for a vision for The Information that was exactly what we wanted: something that cut to the chase and emphasized our articles, with a slick mobile design. We continue to come back to them for new features.


Jessica Lessin
Founder & CEO, The Information

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