Google Keep

Hang on to every thought

Google Keep is a dead simple way to keep notes on Android. Originally launched as part of Google Drive, the product has evolved into a stand alone offering. Behind a simple interface are features that can typically be found on full-fledged productivity tools. However, to users, everything remains super simple and magical.

We designed a one page site that explained all the product features. With a narrative based around a party, the site captures typical moments where Keep comes in super-handy. Special animations show off the magic of the product, while at the same time elaborating on features.


Unclutter your thoughts

The concept behind Keep is simple: notes. To support the narrative, we wanted a straight-forward video to show how the product could simplify your life. We quickly shot in studio to create the hero animation.

MotionWatch Keep unclutter your life

Multi-device The product featured across devices.

Multi-device The product featured across devices.

Front-end Development  Potato 

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