CodeConf 2015

CodeConf is about improving the software community by featuring thought-provoking talks and building social connections. We worked with GitHub on third installment of the CodeConf series where developers came together in Nashville to discuss open source, best practices, documentation, community, and maybe even hacking space exploration.


Nashville y'all

Working closely with the good people of GitHub — side note, they are amazing to work with  we looked at a couple different creative options for the CodeConf series. What consistently resonated the most was to make the conference a celebration of the venue, Nashville. The Country Music Hall of Fame. The Johnny Cash Museum. Broadway. Instead of an identity and visual style just for CodeConf, the event would take on the aesthetic and energy of the host city.


Double C

The previous CodeConf was held in 2011 in San Francisco. GitHub wanted to have a flexible identity system for subsequent years and potentially cities.  In keeping the double C lockup, we presented a new logotype for Nashville 2015 reflecting the flavor of the city.

Identity The double C monogram is flexible, yet consistent across years.

Identity The double C monogram is flexible, yet consistent across years.


Music City

GitHub uses illustration quite a bit in everything they do. It made sense to use fun illustration that could be used on the CodeConf website and at the event.  We, of course, brought in Octocat and worked in a few obscure references for developers.


Bringing it all together

Identity Explorations  Strohl   /   Illustration  Trevor Van Meter

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