Drive Identity

Google Drive provides seamless storage and the freedom to access anything from anywhere. We were approached by Google to design the web site for Google Drive, a new product at the time that didn’t have a logo, but still had an impending launch date. 

So, we improvised. With close collaboration with Google, we ensured our concepts fit nicely within an overall brand identity structure.


Exploring the Identity

We started exploring many different concepts and metaphors in order to develop a memorable brand. From the figurative to the literal to the abstract, the approaches each brought a different aesthetic to the multiple touch points consumers would have with the product. 


Möbius strip

Ultimately, we ended up with an approach that represented the idea of connection between multiple points (mobile, desktop, and laptop). The shape was seamless, but also seemingly impossible, reflecting the magic of the technology behind the service that makes all your files available to you anywhere.

We worked closely with Google to ensure that the final identity worked within the larger brand system. We also developed a style guide, and the guidelines for the construction of the mark.


Beautiful docs

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Google Drive team beyond the initial engagement to create brand assets. These have ranged from illustrations, to art, to document design that emphasize the simplicity and beauty of the product.


A life of its own

The end result of months of work, many revisions, presentations, and reviews is a strong, lasting identity that has become a beloved and important part of Google’s consumer offering.

Iconic The Drive logo has become widely used and beloved by its users.

Iconic The Drive logo has become widely used and beloved by its users.

Logo development  Strohl Inc. / Latte Art  Yuko Honda

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