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A true pioneer in their space, Patagonia is making strides to protect our world. In our latest collaboration, we helped the team at Patagonia amplify Blue Heart: a documentary that aims to spread awareness about the dark side of hydropower in the Balkan region. Together, we created an immersive digital experience that illustrates just how destructive dams can be to the ecosystems and local communities that surround them.
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The Heart of Europe

The Blue Heart of Europe is a region in the Balkans known for its rich history and diverse ecology. But over a thousand dams have already been built along this river system and thousands more projects are slated for the coming years. Our task was to shine a light on the communities that rely on these rivers and expose the ongoing threat of dam development.

Labëria, Albania
Una River, Croatia

While it’s one thing to read about the environmental decline of the Blue Heart region, it’s quite another to see it first-hand. We put Patagonia’s rich, captivating photography and videography at the center of our branding approach to make the reality of the situation unmissable for the viewer. We paired these powerful visuals with a bold, distressed typography, emphasizing the urgency and the gravity of the situation.

Piecing it together

The truth is dams cause immense destruction to the communities, wildlife and ecosystems that surround them; we wanted this to come through loud and clear conceptually. We developed an approach using torn paper to represent the impact on local communities and the fragility of the natural world. We printed each image, carefully tore it apart, scanned the remaining elements and pieced them back together to create the final, fractured scenes.


With so many dams awaiting construction in the Balkan region, it was also important to demonstrate the sheer magnitude of the problem. To do this, we paired vignettes of individual people with a bird’s eye view of the system-wide destruction, allowing viewers to explore the region and experience the effects at once.

When designing the mobile experience, we knew it needed to be equally as immersive, informative and motivating.