Android Developers

With over one billion active users, in more than 190 different countries, Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

We teamed up with the Android team at Google to design and develop new version of, home to a wealth of information to help developers design and build the best apps for Android.

The approach

Simplifying the complex

We used Material Design to guide the design direction, but also had many years of legacy content and some existing navigation structures to consider. All while making the site responsive for the first time. 

The home page Clear call to actions and easy segmentation of audiences was a must

The home page Clear call to actions and easy segmentation of audiences was a must

Site structure

Responsive and intuitive navigation

We explored various designs to help developers find what they were looking for, without getting buried in menu after menu. And on any screen.

Asset strategy

One illustration, everywhere

We wanted to make it easy as possible for the Android team to publish content.  We came up with a way to resize the view of one illustration or photo so it worked in any layout across the site.

Find anything

Keeping search simple 

We completely redesigned and built a new search experience that allows developers to quickly search across classes, articles and documentation.


Videos that follow you

We designed in-page viewing of videos that could also follow you down the page. This allowed developers to intelligently multitask without leaving the site.

Creative Concepts  Dennys Hess, Leigh Whipday
Development  Aranja

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