The future perfect

We’ve been talking a lot about the future of UPPERQUAD lately. We’re not of the let’s write a mission statement mindset, so this has been more of an ongoing conversation, one where we always wished we had a smoke machine and laser sound effects in the background.

Where we’ve ended up is actually that the future shouldn’t be much different from the past.




Everything else, as they say, is details.

But, we started to talk about what those details would be. Assuming all the big stuff is in place, then what are the "little" things that we can do to help support that? And here they are, in a somewhat particular order.

More and better work. Saying yes is a hugely important part of the creative process. But so is saying no. Getting the right projects (and more of them) is important to doing really amazing work.

We all grow. Everyone should, every so often, be doing something new that kind of almost feels too new and maybe even a little uncomfortable.

Getting downright social. The free flow of ideas, concepts, styles and technologies on social media is happening everyday. Not to mention the conferences and events that have sprung up just about everywhere you look. We're hoping to be more active participants and maybe even do a little self promotion here and there.

Adding the right people. It's never been about just putting people in seats. It's always been about getting the right people and this is true now more than ever.

Awards don't matter (but they do) We're putting aside some conflicting feelings on the importance of awards to see what comes of it.

There are many, many, many possible futures and we hope these concepts will guide us to the one we want. And, now is the part where we knock on wood (twice) and get back to work.