Introducing Newwwness

Something new. In every tab.

The idea

As with most things, the idea for Newwwness came from something that wasn't quite working.  

We love great interactive work. We try to keep up with all the new and interesting work on the web, but doing so is kind of a chore. Originally, we had a email thread that we sent around called "Interestingness from the web", but, it became just another email to get through.

Around that same time, some new Chrome extensions like PalettabEarth View and Exposure showed that the largely ignored new browser tab could be a great opportunity for discovery.  It made sense to give someone the option to explore a new site just as they were already going to a new site. We started sketching out what a next generation news source would look like.

An early sketch which may nor may not have been done on a napkin

An early sketch which may nor may not have been done on a napkin

The product

For once, we got to be our very own clients and proved to perhaps be the most demanding and definitely the worst paying. The identity ended up to be a simple N, a monogram based on the idea of collecting elements together into one and then broadcasting them out.

The whole product is pretty simple. When you open a browser tab, you see 4 different curated cards that will take you to particularly amazing work. You can hit “Shuffle” to get deep cuts. New work is pushed out automatically, so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy.

We teamed up with our very good friends at Aranja, who, as always, took our designs and made them better. They added some buttery smooth animations and helped build a backend using Google Cloud Platform.

Give Newwwness a try

Today we're pleased to be launching Newwwness. Be sure to download the Chrome extension; if you are not using Chrome, you can always set Newwwness as your homepage to get fresh interactive news delivered straight to you. 

And, if you like what you see, please share the love.

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